Accessible online learning

Small Studio Membership

Monthly membership covering up to 7 trainers. Includes access to the monthly live clinic, one new practice class, one new masterclass and one popular on-demand workshop.

What's included?

Designed for small studios, this LPA membership includes new content added each month and no strings attached.


Each month, a new 1-hour masterclass will be added to your team's account featuring an expert lecturer and covering topics relevant to you such as jumpboard, mobility & mat work.

On-demand workshops

Each month, one of our most popular workshops will be added to your team's account featuring topics such as Advanced Sequencing, Reformer Flow, and Pre- and Postnatal

Practice classes

Enjoy a new Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced class each month designed specifically for teachers.

Monthly live clinics

On the second Tuesday of each month, we will host a one-hour live clinic with LPA co-founder, Neil Dimmock and other guest lecturers to answer your questions and discuss hot topics.

Not sure which LPA membership is right for your studio? Get in touch.

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