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Visual Cueing for Happy Clients


Cueing. Why is it so important, and how do we do it in the best way possible for our clients? In this new era where tactile correction is becoming somewhat of a touchy subject (pun absolutely intended!) and more and more of us are teaching through screens online, visual cues have never been more important. 

As successful teachers, we should be able to adapt to both online and 'real life' teaching, by being able to draw upon more than one visual reference point. If we have an armoury of images at our fingertips we can help a client understand what we want them to feel and, in turn, help them feel it.

This module is designed to help you learn, through practical and theoretical work, how to refine your teaching style and make your instructions as clear and commanding as possible for the benefit of your client, so that they get the best out of their training sessions with you.

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What to expect:
  • 2 hours of recorded on-demand content
  • Access to slides featured within the video
  • Multiple choice quiz to test your learning
  • LPA certificate of completion
  • Unlimited access


Meet the instructor

Johanna Francis

Johanna is the owner of Proud Pilates, a classical Pilates studio in Helsinki, Finland. Originally from the UK, Johanna started her journey back in 2008 when she became a Personal Trainer and Pre/Postnatal specialist. She took her education further a few years later when she trained to become a Pilates Instructor in London. 

From there, she has been lucky enough to train and work with incredible teachers all over the world, and took her classical training when she moved to Finland 4 years ago. 
She finally took the plunge and opened her own studio in September 2019 and has been happily torturing (sorry, educating) the wonderful people of Helsinki ever since.

Patrick Jones - Course author