Menopause Awareness for Pilates Teachers

Join us for a practical and informative session by Dinah Siman, BA Hons, PGCE, RSA, ITEC, designed to help you support your pilates clients throughout menopause.

This is a 4 hour workshop with an integrated approach to menopause education for Pilates teachers.  This mat-based training is designed to raise awareness, ignite questions and curiosity about the Menopause transition. The workshop facilitates both theoretical evidence based learning with an embodied movement practice.  The result is education and empowerment for movement teachers to embrace this often forgotten and taboo subject.

Expect 4 hours of practical learning including discussion, lectures, practical work, and comprehensive worksheets to accompany the learning. Spaces are limited!
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Workshop Aims and Outcomes
  • Increase the efficacy of Pilates teachers to design and incorporate new material for their clients
  • Equip Pilates teachers with a robust teaching toolkit for the Menopausal client to enable them to expand their practice
  • Educate Pilates teachers about all stages and variations in Menopause Raise awareness of the effect on the physical, emotional and mental health of the menopausal client
  • Provide a resource for Pilates teachers to enable them to signpost clients to specialist help and to empower them to be able to make informed choices about their welfare and treatment during this stage of their life.
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Friday, 28th June
2pm - 6pm
LPA Mat Studio
19 Heathmans Road
Unit E
Meet the tutor

Dinah Siman

Dinah Siman BA Hons, PGCE, RSA, ITEC is a movement educator specialising in Pilates for Menopause.

As a menopausal woman, Dinah understands how vital movement is for health and wellbeing during the stages of Menopause. Her personal experience of losing strength, confidence, and the ease of movement in her body combined with supporting thousands of women in this stage of life over the last 25 years led her to creating a unique Menopause Pilates framework.

Most recently, 2021 saw her launch an accredited CPD Menopause Awareness course for Pilates Teachers and she has just completed writing a book for Handspring Publishing: Pilates Based Movement for Menopause.

Her Pilates credentials include an Original Apprenticeship Pilates in conjunction with Alan Herdman in 1998, Polestar Pilates UK with Serafino Ambrosio in 2003 and Pilates Passing the Torch University of Balanced Body diploma with Master teacher Elizabeth Larkam. Dinah also pos- sesses a broad spectrum of additional movement qualifications in Gyrotonic®, Yoga, Meditation, Fascial Fitness and The Franklin Method.

She is proud to be an educator and a recognised voice within the Menopause conversation and be an active contributor which involves continuous collaboration with fellow Menopause experts. Dinah is an Affiliate member of the British Menopause Society, an Associate member of The Newson Health Menopause Association and a Balance+ App Guru which is the world’s first medically approved health and wellbeing companion, tailored to the needs of perimenopausal and menopausal women.

Dinah and her partner have 5 children between them and live in the Cotswolds where she also runs her Pilates Studio practice.
Patrick Jones - Course author