Functional Reformer Training

Fully online, 4-day accredited functional reformer training (FRT) with certification. Pre-requisite: L3 Fitness Teaching-Based Cert

  • This course contains both self-directed learning and 4 full days of live, online sessions
  • Courses run through out the year; you may choose to break up your course and attend two consecutive online courses if you need more time 
  • You will need access to a reformer to practice*
  • Spread the cost over 6 months
  • Certifications are awarded after completion of assessments and payment in full
  • Please see refund policy here before you purchase

Course Price: £849

*Don't have access to a reformer? Contact us and we may be able to help
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Next course dates:

10/11th March
24/25th March

Why this course?

  • 4 Days of live-streamed class
  • 1 Certification
  • Extensive repertoire of exercises
  • Access to Job Placement scheme
  • Online course workbook
  • Access to LPA community of trainers & studio owners
  • Exclusive discounts on workshops & other courses

Designed For Fitness Professionals, New to Reformer Training

This course is ideal for those that are looking to break into the world of teaching reformer-based classes, or those that want to build upon their current offering.

"Neil was very helpful, not just during the training. We could e-mail or call him anytime. It was quite helpful when we were practicing for the assessment. He uploaded videos if we needed a new exercise what was not on the material." 
Recent course graduate

Learning Objectives

  • An understanding of the reformer and its use within a class environment
  • Spring tensions, their use and the differences in spring dynamic
  • Safety considerations for both the reformer and spring usage
  • Small equipment and co-use with the reformer
  • Extensive repertoire of exercises, including mobility, core, abdominal, oblique-based exercise, muscular activation, functional/specific training and upper quadrant exercises
  • Learn varied teaching and learning methods and understand how clients can benefit from this

Meet the instructor

Neil Dimmock

Neil has over 25 years’ fitness industry experience, managing everything from large corporate gyms to small boutique-style pilates studios. 

Neil firmly believes in the key role pilates plays in a well-rounded exercise regime and regards the reformer as a critical part of injury rehabilitation for its ability to allow a client to focus on the alignment of their body whilst engaging important stabilising muscles. Whatever the exercise method or piece of equipment, Neil is able to pull the best from it. He believes there is value in a wide variety of fitness disciplines and a benefit in opening ourselves up to new exercise experiences
Patrick Jones - Course author

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